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Consider this: each month, your property management company collects thousands – millions! – of fees from tenants and then must quickly channel these funds to the property manager’s designated bank account. Sometimes, late payments and bad checks make this path a little narrow and treacherous.

WHAT IF you could offer a competitive, operations, and efficient low-cost electronic payment solution to your tenants? Instead of the delay, risk, and hassle of requiring a monthly mailed check, you could request your tenants to set up one-time or recurring ACH/eCheck payments online or by phone.

As a result, you gain greater control and tenants enjoy time-savings and efficiency. It’s win-win. And this Pathfinder Payments Solution is available to anyone from a landlord or property manager with a single property to a large property management company with hundreds of properties in its portfolio.

Pathfinder Payment Solution for Property Managers puts you on the road to streamlining costs and complexities.

  • Automate check management with secure payment processing – from remote deposits through recovery and collection.
  • Streamline your property management operation by offering ACH/eCheck and optional credit card, debit card, and recurring payments.
  • Add, manage, and view tenant transactions through a Web interface with customized reporting.
  • Provide extra flexibility to your tenants by initiating payments online with our customized online Checkout tool that fully integrates into third-party Web sites.
  • Add an Application Programming Interface (API) and initiate and manage payments through proprietary software.

We know property management challenges inside-out. Trust us for customized solutions and highly competitive pricing that helps you avoid losses and keep more of your money.


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