API gears

Integrate your website, your software, and your system solutions to the Pathfinder Payment Gateway.

Think of it this way: sometimes, you need to request that others perform certain high-security functions such as opening a bank deposit box. In the same manner, virtually all software is programmed to request other software to take certain actions.

The asking program uses a set of standardized requests called application programming interfaces (API). In our case, API empowers you – as an approved merchant – to create an interface between your systems and applications and our Payment Getaway. Our API can be used to access information and functions to streamline your processes and make the proper requests of our system to initiate payments seamlessly.

What types of businesses benefit the most from API?

If your business processes large volumes, has multiple users, and needs transactions submitted in real-time…if your business requires custom features not available from ACH processors…then you’re a candidate. Payroll companies, telemarketing companies, membership groups, and businesses that want seamless integration with their current system can profit from API.

What do I need to get started processing payment via API?

To process payments through the Pathfinder Gateway – via our API solution – all you need is a live Internet connection and the ability to work with HTML (Hypertext Language Markup), the language of the web. Chances are, you already have both.

How can my company benefit from API usage?

Application programming interface can customize your payment processing and make you even more efficient at accepting payment on the spot. Here are just some of the advantages you can anticipate:

  • Integrate your existing account management database with our Gateway – seamlessly.
  • Process transactions directly instead of reentering customer data information
  • Eliminate errors that result from multiple points of data entry.
  • Submit transactions for processing as they occur, instead of needing to log in or upload a batch.
  • Receive updates on your transactions so you can monitor your payments in your own system.
  • Connect your national network to one processing system, consolidating the funds while enabling each area to manage its own transactions.
  • Create the custom solutions and features you need for your business growth.

You can even incorporate ACH payment functionality into another software product to sell to a niche market. And API allows for programming that calculates and auto-creates transactions to accommodate a split-funding requirement.

Ask us about how API can support your business in its quest for leadership.


We offer API as part of a complete payment solution. Our payment solutions are customized based on your processing profile. To move forward, please select your path: