Now you can get on the path to processing ACH/eCheck payments anytime and anywhere – online, over the phone, or right at the point of sale.  Our ACH/eCheck processing solution empowers you to electronically debit an approved payment right from your customer’s checking account to your own bank account.

It’s a great way to improve your bottom line.  The more payment options you give your customers, the more satisfied they are and the more sales you make. And you can even increase your profit margins, since ACH processing rates are typically 50% to 90% less than credit cards.

Not familiar with ACH/eCheck processing? Here’s what to expect.


ACH Payment Processing: YOUR BENEFITS

  • Improve your business’ cash flow.
  • Reduce the hassles of dealing with paper checks -- returned check fees, lengthy funding times, trips to the bank, etc.
  • Decrease your cost of sale -- ACH payments are priced at a lower rate per transaction, regardless of the size of the sale.
  • Maximize your customer lifespan -- customers with a recurring ACH/eCheck payment are not reminded of the expense by writing a check each month, so they’re less likely to cancel.
  • Manage your customers and payments online with the touch of a button and upload multiple payments in a single step.

With ACH/eCheck, you can view and manage your Pathfinder account online with myPathfinder – initiate and modify payments, receive extensive real-time reporting and more.


ACH Payment Processing: OUR ADVANTAGES

  • AFFORDABLE: Most of our customers enroll in a complete payment solution for less than a dollar a day, which includes ACH/eCheck processing and credit/debit card processing. With this plan, individual transactions cost as little as a few pennies. You can also opt for a customized solution, with even lower pricing for higher volume merchants.
  • SPEEDY ENROLLMENT – Just 10 minutes online: That’s how fast it takes to apply for an ACH/eCheck account. Once enrolled, you can access your account online immediately and start setting up payments.
  • RAPID PROCESSING – Less than 3 business days: Funds will be deposited in your account three business days after the customer’s payment is debited.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – Meets NACHA security requirements: Pathfinder processing solutions meet or exceed all security requirements established by NACHA, the governing organization that regulates the acceptance and transport of ACH transactions. Pathfinder is also certified through Verisign®, an industry leader in web security services.

ACH processing simplifies your business payments and your customers will appreciate the added convenience.


We offer ACH/eCheck payment processing as part of a complete payment solution. Our payment solutions are customized based on your processing profile. To move forward, please select your path: