As a Pathfinder merchant services partner, you have the ability to provide quality merchant services solutions to your customers at a competitive price while generating revenue for your company. Pathfinder Payment Solutions is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Walnut Creek, CA., and provides equipment, processing, underwriting, risk, compliance, and support for all of our merchant accounts. In addition, we have an experienced customer service team that can provide free training along with tier one or tier two customer support to your staff or directly to the merchant.

Pathfinder Payment Solutions offers a variety of opportunities for our partners to generate immediate or recurring revenue streams through Referral, Reseller, ISO, or Developer relationships. We build effective partnerships and can each achieve our financial goals by offering helpful products, strong value and superior customer service to the merchant community. Our typical relationships fall into one of the several categories listed below. However, we have developed extremely successful customized partner relationships in the past and invite you to share your vision with us.

Referral Partnership: This partnership is open to any individual or company and a great way to generate quick cash with no risk, no commitment and no responsibility. Simply refer a merchant to us. When they complete their application and are approved for one of our payment processing solutions, we’ll send you a check. It’s that simple.
Reseller Partnership: A reseller partnership offers long-term revenue sharing opportunities for your organization without the long-term commitment. We’ll provide your team with marketing materials, sales training and broad support in selling our merchant services products. You find the customers, negotiate a price and product solution and take an application for payment processing. After the application is in hand, you can have as little or as much involvement as you’d like. We can provide everything – customer service, risk management, payment processing and funding and simply send you checks for the duration of the contract. Or you can engage as a point of contact for the merchant and we’ll work together with you to provide support to our mutual customer. It’s entirely up to you.
Developer Partnership: We work with a great group of developers across the country. They build really cool, customized applications that connect with our gateway to process payments and then either sell the full solution directly to merchants or license the program to a third party marketing agent. Often, these applications provide a unique, customized solution for a specific industry, such as property management or debt collection or they may discover a different niche. Either way, our professional team provides a competitively priced payment solution and complete payment processing support so you can focus on your product.
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