A payment gateway is a critical element of the payment process and interacts with financial networks and institutions to obtain funds for each transaction from the customer’s account. With Pathfinder’s Payment Gateway, technology meets functionality as our system allows you the flexibility you want with the security and efficiency you need. Whether you are submitting a single transaction, a batch file upload containing thousands of transactions, or creating recurring payments for automated billing, you'll find our gateway is more than capable of meeting your needs.

Submit payments to our gateway through a credit card terminal, your Smartphone, myPathfinder Virtual Terminal, or through your own application using our Application Programming Interface (API). Either way, you can be confident that our payment gateway will process your transactions quickly and securely so you can get paid.

When you process your payments though our gateway, you get more than a robust and powerful payment processing tool; you get a committed and motivated team that monitors your transactions with your security and cash flow needs in mind. Security is among our top priorities – our compliance team reviews thousands of transactions each day to protect you and your customers.

  • Secure, Reliable Data Center - Only authorized personnel are allowed access to our servers. In the event of a power outage, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power is on standby, in addition to diesel generators. Redundant network backbones are utilized ensuring that Pathfinder downtime is virtually nonexistent.
  • 768-bit RSA encryption key - Virtually hack proof, we utilize a level of encryption that exceeds NACHA's recommendations for protecting sensitive data such as account information and user passwords.
  • Visa Payment Application Best Practice (PABP) validated and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption - Provides a secure encrypted connection between you and our servers. Feel confident that the transmission of data will not be intercepted and used unlawfully.
  • Account number masking - Within Pathfinder only the last four numbers of your customer's account number are displayed, thus preventing the use of such sensitive data for malicious purposes.
  • 24 hour access - submit transactions on your own time, any time of day.
  • Free Support - our experienced team is standing by to answer any questions.

Pathfinder's Payment Gateway is available to all Pathfinder customers and supports Retail, eCommerce, Virtual Terminal and Mobile Payment Processing. To move forward, please select your path: