If you accept payments over the phone, through mail order, or just need an efficient way to process payments without using your standard landline terminal, our Pathfinder Payment Solutions virtual terminal is the easy and affordable answer. Our virtual terminal solution utilizes myPathfinder, our industry-leading Web interface that combines a virtual terminal, an account manager and a customized reporting tool.

Just sign up and we will create your own account with a user ID and password, giving you access to payment processing 24 hours a day. In lightning speed, you can efficiently authorize, capture, and settle your payments. Every day, your payments are automatically settled and can be funded to your account within just a day or two. Imagine – an advanced terminal, an account management tool, and a customized reporting system to empower you to initiate and modify payments, add and view customers, and obtain detailed real-time activity reports…all within reach.

myPathfinder will automatically submit credit card, debit card or ACH/eCheck payments for processing and provide detailed reports on your customers and payments. You can submit individual payments in seconds or upload multiple payments at once. Learn more about myPathfinder.

Our Online Processing package includes everything you need to process payments online.

Our complete online payment solution includes:


Card Processing

ACH/eCheck Processing

API Connectivity

Recurring Payments

Pathfinder Checkout

Access our powerful web interface 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to securely process payments, manage customers and generate customized reports online. myPathfinder is user friendly and combines the features of an account manager, virtual terminal and customized reporting solution.
Accept all major credit and debit cards – Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, American Express®-- quickly and conveniently. Pathfinder credit and debit card solutions combine a merchant account with our payment gateway so that your cardholders’ banks can automatically transfer funds directly to your account.
Our ACH/eCheck processing solution empowers you to electronically debit an approved payment right from your customer’s checking account to your own bank account. Receive your money in 3 business days. Create one-time or recurring payments at costs typically 50% to 90% less than the cost of credit card payments.
Integrate your Web site and your software to our Pathfinder Payment Getaway to initiate and manage payments. API connectivity is perfect for businesses that have proprietary software, processes large transaction volumes or have multiple users. Examples include payroll companies, telemarketing companies, membership groups, and any businesses that desires seamless integration with their current system.
Simply enter a payment once, and then collect on it every day, week, month, or year. With Pathfinder’s automatic recurring billing feature, you establish the payment plan and we’ll make sure the funds are always deposited into your account.
Set up simple credit card and ACH / e-check payment acceptance from your Web site in 10 minutes or less! We host the payment page on our secure server for your customer to enter payment information. We do all the “grunt” work: we collect their payment data, process the payment, and send a receipt.
With over 12 years of experience protecting our merchants, we are payment security experts. Our card solutions are PCI compliant and our ACH solutions are in full compliance with NACHA specifications. Most importantly, we work with each of our merchants to help them understand, achieve and maintain sufficient security throughout the process.

Virtual Terminal processing solutions add efficiency and increase cash flow for:

  Service Companies   Construction Industry   Professional Services
  Trade Show Vendors   Repairman   Hair & Beauty
  Fund Raisers   Delivery Services   Healthcare Professionals
  Swap Meets   Taxi and Limousine      

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