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When it comes to medical payment processing, you don’t walk the same path as a local retailer or online business. For one thing, your compliance needs are greater. According to current requirements, medical practices must now go beyond individually identifiable health information and safeguard patient financial records as well – or face severe penalties.

You need a medical payment processing partner who understands those demands and meets them with a passion for security. And you want a solution that contributes to your profitability, without the chargeback fees, minimum fees, retrieval fees, batch fees, and hidden set up fees that others may be charging.

The Pathfinder Payment Solution For Medical Professionals May Well Be The Cure For Time-Consuming Payment Challenges.

Our medical professional payment processing solutions add more flexibility to the administrative side of your practice and helps you collect payment more easily and efficiently.

  • Speed up collections and simplify practice and patient credit and debit card payments.
  • Get funding within 24 hours: Once a transaction has been approved, you’ll gain access to your funds quickly.
  • Choose an optional ACH/eCheck payment solution that allows patients to pay directly from their checking account.

Our payment solution includes a traditional, wireless or computer-integrated terminal that enables you to start secure processing of credit and debt transactions right away. A Web interface empowers your billing staff to add, manage, and view patient transactions. A customizable online checkout tool enables patients to make payments online and an Application Programming Interface (API) solution lets your office bill and collect payments through your own proprietary software.

Ready to walk down the path toward cost-effective and secure payment processing? Then let’s begin!


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