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Payment Processing that’s Safe, Secure & Reliable

Security is a serious concern. We apply powerful and sound safeguards to give you peace of mind.

Security and PCI Compliance

Having the peace of mind that your payments security is being managed consistently, professionally, and relentlessly affords you the time to focus your attention on your business, making sales, and staying ahead of the curve. By hosting your payment processing we also host your security concerns. We look at good security measures as more than just the tools, policy, and processes we use to protect your interests, but also the strong mindset our team has to bring these factors together as one. Rest assured that your concerns are being monitored and safeguarded with vigilance.
Here is how we do it.

Data Hosting

  • Our applications and your data are safely protected behind dedicated and fully managed firewalls.
  • Sensitive information such as passwords and account data is encrypted using a 768-bit encryption key. This exceeds the standards set forth by NACHA, the governing body of ACH processing. 
  • All data entering our network environment from the web is secured via a 128-bit SSL encryption session for protecting private information and data transport security.
  • Any traffic in our network environment is monitored closely by an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) guarding against malicious activity, security policy violations, and harmful incidents or threats.  
  • Production data center physical security includes keycard protocols, interior/exterior surveillance, authorization and access protocols for personnel, and background checks on all company personnel.

PCI Compliant Solutions

Our software solutions are Visa Payment Application Best Practice (PABP) validated and our state of the art Payment Gateway is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1 Compliant. This ensures that your business is practicing PCI compliant measures as required by the card associations.

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance was developed by the major credit card companies as a guideline for organizations that process transactions to prevent credit card fraud, hacking, and general security threats and vulnerabilities. All companies that process, store, or transact payment card data must be PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) Compliant, and using DSS compliant payment applications. Any company found non-compliant but continuing to accept credit card payment from the participating card brands may lose their ability to process card payments and could be audited and/or fined.

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