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How to manage risk in electronic payments

Credit, debit card, and ACH payment acceptance is a good thing; it empowers growing businesses to speed up their payment cycles, increase their sales, and offer more payment options to build customer loyalty. But that doesn’t mean it’s not without risk. The good news is, with a few precautionary measures, it’s very possible to mitigate those risks.

Managing Card Risk

Credit cards can incur “charge backs” or disputes from the customers. Sometimes customers claim that the charge was false or their card number was misappropriated.

To avoid this and other fraudulent activity, you need to be alert. Your cashier should ensure that the card is genuine by quickly examining its standard security features – name, date, hologram – and should then swipe the card in a POS machine in front of the customer.

It should go without saying that you must make every effort to comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard (DSS). PCI DSS’s 12 requirements demand that you install firewalls, encrypt data transmitted over open networks and more. You can find out more at It’s reassuring to know that Pathfinder’s card payment processing solutions are PCI DSS Level 1- compliant and we meet or exceed all security measures.

Managing ACH Payment Risk

What about ACH payments? Like cards, ACH is vulnerable to chargebacks, which happen when a customer disputes a transaction after it’s completed. In such disputes, you have little choice but to absorb the loss.


Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate chargeback risk. You should always obtain supporting documentation with each ACH transaction. Pathfinder Payment Solutions will help you identify and ensure that you receive the appropriate documentation and we’ll support you in resolving any disputes.

Like any electronic payment, ACH involves a modicum of security risk. So it’s helpful to know that Pathfinder transmits all ACH transactions via secure servers located in a secure data center with controlled access. Our security measures exceed the requirements of NACHA, the governing body that regulates the ACH network.


With just a little proactive risk management measures, you can enjoy all the benefits of credit card, debit card, and ACH payment acceptance without the worries.

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