More than 450 million bad checks are written in the United States every year, causing businesses to lose billions of dollars. Now you can minimize your chances of losing money with Pathfinder’s Return Protection Service (RPS). RPS helps protect your business from losses due to non-sufficient funds, outright fraud, and other costly check deceptions.

Before you accept a check, RPS will perform a triple verification using 3 separate national databases to verify that the checking account is open, valid and has money in it. With this service, you can screen out up to 90% of bad check writers before you even process a payment.

RPS comes fully integrated into your ACH processing solution. Use multiple channels to accept a check, including Pathfinder Checkout and myPathfinder Customer Interface and our system will automatically engage RPS to identify any suspect checks – before your customer has an opportunity to walk off with your goods or services.

With RPS, you can save money by avoiding reject fees and eliminate the hassle of trying to collect past-due balances from customers. Instead, with the real-time verification capabilities of RPS, you can simply request another form of payment or decline the sale.

Get peace of mind and protect your business with Pathfinder’s Return Protection Service (RPS).


We offer Return Protection Service (RPS) as part of any of our complete payment solutions that include ACH/eCheck processing. Our payment solutions are customized based on your processing profile. To move forward, please select your path: