Whether you are taking orders over the phone, swiping cards in your store, or processing credit cards using your mobile phone, you need a merchant account to receive your funds. Here’s how a merchant account helps you process payments:

  • When you enroll, Pathfinder will establish a merchant account for your company at a leading global financial services institution.
  • When your customer pays you via credit card, the transaction will be processed through one of the payment networks (Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®).
  • The payment network will transfer the funds from the customer’s bank to your merchant account.
  • Pathfinder will route the payment through your merchant account to your designated settlement account
  • Once the money has been deposited in your settlement account, it is yours.

We offer merchant accounts as part of a complete payment solution. Our payment solutions are customized based on your processing profile. To move forward, please select your path: