Paul Sabella, President and CEO

Paul Sabella, the visionary entrepreneur behind Pathfinder Payment Solutions, is a recognized payment-processing expert and travels the country attending and participating in industry events and conferences. He is responsible for the company’s overall direction, growth, and strategic partnerships and has constructed many of the innovative tools and methodologies adopted by Pathfinder.

Through the years, Paul has helped thousands of businesses leverage electronic payment solutions on their path to success. Working with his handpicked team, he has built the company into a national provider of trusted payment solutions for thousands of growth-oriented businesses.

Paul Sabella boasts an impressive track record of achievement. He began his career as a sales representative for Peach Tree Bankcard, quickly rising through the ranks to become regional vice president. He built and motivated the highest performing sales teams in the organization.

A few years later, he founded Cardinal Merchant Services, an independent sales organization marketing merchant services. Paul Sabella grew the business to a multi-million dollar operation, supporting thousands of merchants through six offices across the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions, and ultimately sold the organization to Georgia-based Lynk systems.

Building on his success, Mr. Sabella launched the organization now known as Pathfinder Payment Solutions and has grown it into a nationally recognized payment processing provider.

Randy Harrell, Vice President, Compliance

Randy Harrell is the Vice President of Compliance at Pathfinder Payment Solutions and is responsible for underwriting, portfolio risk management, and compliance functions. Randy and his team support our merchants’ affiliates and our own organization in managing and minimizing risk. This initiative includes a careful review of each application and a constant monitoring of thousands of merchants and millions of dollars in transactions.

Since Randy began his merchant services career in direct merchant sales, his perspective is broader than most risk management executives. He believes in empowering merchants, within regulatory constraints, to enhance each individual merchant’s sales and more importantly, each merchant’s bottom line.

Randy is a 15-year veteran of the merchant services industry and served in management and sales roles at Cardinal Merchant Services and Lynk Systems prior to joining Pathfinder. Randy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westminster College of New Wilmington Pennsylvania.

Jason Kula, Finance Manager

Jason, a veteran of the payment process industry, has been at the helm of the Finance and Human Resources Departments for the past decade. He spearheaded the development of sophisticated financial controls to deliver complex reporting and powerful financial management capabilities to the management team. Jason played a key role in the 2005 rollout of our predecessor’s Automated Clearing House payment (ACH) solution and he is responsible for all financial aspects of the organization.

Jason believes that by playing an active role in attracting, retaining and motivating high quality associates, the human resources department can adopt a lead role in Pathfinder’s development. Similarly, by navigating beyond the traditional financial department role and identifying new revenue or cost savings opportunities, the finance department can be a critical growth partner.

Jason received his bachelor’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is AICPA certified.

Eric Cooper, Director of Customer Operations

Eric is responsible for the sales and customer service departments at Pathfinder Payment Solutions. Eric’s teams are experts in payment processing and understand the challenges merchants face when striving to work their way through a complicated industry to select the right solution for their business.

Eric believes in the value of a long-term relationship. He ensures his team members take time to understand the organization and the needs of the organization’s principles before recommending any course of action. He champions the philosophy that each customer should always be treated with respect, both before and after the sale and even during moments of challenge.

His entire career has been spent in customer management, on a trajectory from a representative to a department head. Eric has worked for a number of financial services firms, including several in the payment processing industry. Eric grew up locally and attended the University of Maryland.

Brian Dentice, Director of Information Technology

As the IT Director, Brian is ultimately responsible for the entirety of information technology solutions at Pathfinder, including the Pathfinder web site, the myPathfinder Virtual Terminal, telephony solutions, hardware and software procurement and more.

Brian believes the members of the IT department should not hide in their cubicles. Rather, they should engage the entire organization to better understand the unique technology needs of each other department and proactively identify solutions. As a result of this forward thinking, Information Technology at Pathfinder is productive and engaged with proactive solutions.

Brian is a true payment industry expert with over 20 years of industry experience and roles in sales, operations and technology. Brian has extensive classroom and real-world training in information technology, which includes numerous certifications and a lifetime of hands-on experience.

Seth Troy, Director of Marketing

Seth Troy leads the marketing team at Pathfinder Payment Solutions and drives Pathfinder’s corporate brand, communications efforts, website, collateral, media relations, and the implementation of marketing programs.

Seth envisions Pathfinder Payment Solutions operating as a respected partner for each of our merchants. In such a relationship, Pathfinder would never “promote” specific products or services to our customer base. Rather, the Pathfinder team would regularly consult with our merchants to help them get paid using the most efficient, cost effective payment solutions in the market.

Seth is a former small business owner with over 15 years experience delivering marketing, product and web solutions for respected financial institutions, such as JP Morgan Chase, The Bank of Montreal, and Signet Bank (now Wells Fargo). Most recently, he assisted entrepreneur Robert L. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) in launching Urban Trust Bank, an innovative financial institution, which grew from $30mm in assets to over $700mm in assets. Seth attended Vanderbilt University and obtained his MBA at John Hopkins University.