Revolutionize Your Point-Of-Sale Process with Bolt POS.
A complete, cloud-based POS solution.


  • Accept credit cards, cash, gift cards & checks
  • Manage your inventory & improve operations
  • Capture customer data and improve your marketing
  • Offer your own gift card program
  • Save money with aggressive Bolt POS pricing
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Get on the right path for a complete and affordable
credit/debit and ACH payment solution

Here’s what you get for one low price:

  • Credit and debit card acceptance
  • ACH/eCheck payment processing
  • myPathfinder Virtual Terminal access
  • Fraud protection
Accept payments virtually anywhere for one low price.
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Start taking steps to

  • Participate in the booming payment processing market
  • High income potential: rapid payments, big commissions, bonus’ available.
  • Fast and easy to sign up now!
Opportunities available to resell Credit Card / ACH
and Bolt POS

Introducing eBill with eSignature

Conduct your billing by email with few clicks.
Secure your payments with eSignature.

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Every business has its own path to success. WHAT'S YOURS?
Navigating the path to success in today’s competitive times demands the right guide. Someone who knows all the detours to improved cash flow. Someone who can offer you a complete payment solution, including credit/debit card and ACH/eCheck processing. Someone who can meet or beat any competitor’s rates. Pathfinder Payment Solutions is here to provide convenient payment processing services that help you move briskly toward success.

"I am very happy we changed to Pathfinder. We are saving way more money than you promised when we started with you…and you have been great to deal with."

Jim M
Yellow Cab Co. of Memphis

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Security is our highest priority. Our credit card solutions are PCI compliant and our ACH/eCheck solutions meet or exceed the security standards recommended by NACHA. Learn more.

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We can help demystify payment processing.
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Blog / Community
  • October 23rd, 2014: The Clearing House, a consortium of leading financial institutions, announced support for efforts to build a real-time ACH payment infrastructure that could enable Pathfinder to deliver significantly faster ACH payment processing to our merchant community. Implementation of this program is years away, but we’re eagerly watching developments. Learn More.
  • October 22th, 2014: Hundreds of Bank of America customers were accidentally charged twice for purchases made though Apple’s new mobile payment system, Apple Pay. Although the error was quickly corrected, it highlights the challenges in rolling out new payment technology and confirms the value of our efforts to carefully and continuously test our payment technology. Learn More.
  • October 17th, 2014: President Obama signed an executive order today to strengthen security on federally issued credit cards and government payment systems, as part of a push to protect Americans from Identity theft. We’re looking forward to the implementation of Chip and PIN technology later this year. Learn More.
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